Do braces make lines disappear? Do they become darker?

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Last updated July 3, 2023


Doctor, do the lines disappear or get darker with braces?


I certainly hear such stories all the time.
Then, this time,I will discuss in which cases of braces the lines can disappear or become darker!

Do braces make lines disappear? Do they become darker?

Orthodontic braces, lines disappear.

Whether lines disappear or darken with braces varies from person to person.

The lines are,

  • Retraction of the mouth and excess skin around the mouth
  • Weakening of the facial muscles
  • age-related change

It can be thickened for these reasons.

Because there are multiple causes of darkening of the lines, some people have lines that disappear and others have lines that darken, even in the same malocclusion case.

Orthodontic treatment can remove the cause of the possible lines caused by the teeth, though,It is not possible to prevent the appearance of lines until they appear due to changes in facial muscles and aging changes.

In addition, if the mouth has protruding teeth, such as bucktooth or mouth gobble, the mouth may be retracted by braces, which may result in darker lines depending on the condition of the muscles and skin around the mouth.

Cases in which lines disappear with braces

Orthodontic braces, lines disappear.

Cases where braces strengthen and balance the muscles of the mouth.Then, the lines may disappear.

For example,

  • Increased smiles by becoming more confident in my mouth.
  • Improved protruding teeth and other malocclusions, allowing the mouth to close.

This is a case where the facial muscles are strengthened and lifted for this reason.

However,It depends on the person whether braces will strengthen and lift facial muscles.

Cases in which orthodontic braces darken the lines

Orthodontic braces, lines disappear.

Cases in which braces darken the lines include the following

  • overbite
  • verbal gaffe
  • If the mouth is retracted more than necessary due to tooth extraction or osteotomy


For bucktooths,When the teeth are retracted by braces, the skin around the mouth, which used to protrude, becomes too thick.The lines may be more noticeable.

In addition, if you have bucktooth and mouth breathing, the muscles around the mouth are often loose, and the skin may sag along with the facial muscles, making the lines more prominent.

verbal gaffe

Because the mouth is retracted when the mouthbite is treated with braces,As with bucktooth, excess skin around the mouth can cause prominent lines.

Since mouth-breathers often breathe through their mouths, sagging facial muscles are also likely to aggravate lines.

If the mouth is retracted more than necessary due to tooth extraction or osteotomy

By tooth extraction or surgery to cut the jawbone (osteotomy),If the mouth is pulled back more than necessary, the excess skin around the mouth may cause the lines to darken.

It can be prevented by having a treatment plan that properly takes into account the lines and the balance of your face in profile, so don't just have a treatment plan that considers retracting the mouth.

Four things you can do to remove lines

If you are concerned about your smile lines, take care of them by using the following methods.

  • Expression muscle training
  • Facial Massage
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Cosmetic Treatment

Countermeasure for laugh lines (1)

Training of the facial muscles includes the following

  • tongue-twister training
  • Training the corners of the mouth
  • Aiyobe Gymnastics

If the lines are caused by weakened facial muscles,Improvement may be expected by moderately strengthening the facial muscles.

By continuing to do so steadily, you can strengthen your facial muscles and improve your smile lines.

tongue-twister training

Training to move the tongue and strengthen the muscles around the mouthIt is.

  1. Close your lips and use your tongue to trace around the gums on the front side of the teeth.
  2. Do 10 times each clockwise and counterclockwise. As you get used to it, increase the number of times a little at a time.

Training the corners of the mouth

Training to pull up the corners of the mouth and strengthen the muscles around the mouthIt is.

  1. Turn the toothbrush sideways and hold the handle between the upper and lower teeth.
  2. If possible, keep the corners of the mouth lifted.

Aiyobe Gymnastics

Training to strengthen facial muscles by moving the muscles around the mouth in large movementsIt is.

  1. Pronounce "A, I, U" aloud, making sure to open your mouth wide.
  2. Finally, while pronouncing the word "be," push your tongue out in a large downward motion and stretch it out.
  3. These are done after meals for 10 sets, a total of three times a day: morning, noon, and evening.

Countermeasure against laugh lines (2)|Facial massage

Facial massage to balance the face and improve lines.

  1. Hold your hands in a goo shape and push the line under the cheekbones around the second knuckle of your fingers.
  2. Using the same hand shape, press it between the cheek and jaw line and move it in a circular motion to stimulate the masseter muscle.
  3. Using the bellies of the index, middle, and ring fingers, massage in a circular motion from the area below the ear to the collarbone.

Countermeasure for laugh lines (3)|Moisturizing the skin

Dry skin can exacerbate wrinkles such as lines and cause aging.

Use skincare products containing ingredients that moisturize and firm the skin, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide, to focus on moisturizing.

When the skin is plumped up, lines are less noticeable.

Countermeasure for laugh lines (4)

If you do not see improvement with training or self-care,The following cosmetic procedures are used to improve the appearance of lines

  • hyaluronic acid injection
  • Botox injection
  • Fat injections, etc.

Consult your doctor or dentist for the procedure needed to improve your smile lines, as they vary from person to person.

Hyaluronic acid and Botox may be available from your dentist.


Orthodontic braces, lines disappear.

Because there are many different causes of lines, it depends on the person whether the lines disappear or become darker with braces.

Orthodontic braces may result in darker lines if the mouth is pulled back more than necessary due to bucktooth, mouth gape, or tooth extraction/osteotomy.

If you are concerned,Improve the lines by incorporating facial muscle training, skin care that emphasizes moisturizing, and beauty treatments.

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