Good teeth but mouth sores? What treatment is needed to cure mouth sores?

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Last updated May 7, 2022

The mouth is protruding forward."Mouth gobos."

Mouth sores are caused by protruding upper or lower front teeth, or by the jaw itself protruding forward.

However, in some cases'I have good teeth, but I'm a mouth gobbler.'Sometimes, it is also possible to

In this article, we will discuss the causes of mouth sores despite good dentition, the disadvantages of mouth sores, and treatment options.

How is it possible to have a mouth gobble with good teeth?

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There are people with well aligned (not so disorganized) teeth who have mouth goblets.

What are the characteristics of a person whose teeth are not so much misaligned and who has a mouth gobble,

The chin itself protrudes forward (the chin skeleton itself protrudes forward).

Lower jaw is tucked in (adenoidal facial expression).

The entire upper and lower front teeth protrude forward (maxillary prognathism).

The teeth are not lined up in enough space.

This is the case.

(1) The jaw itself protrudes forward (mouth gobble caused by skeletal structure)

Even if the teeth are well aligned, if the jaw itself protrudes forward, it is more likely to become a mouth gobble.

Skeletal mouth sores can be hereditary (inherited from your parents) or,

There are various causes, such as developing due to bad habits in childhood (tongue twisters, finger sucking, etc.).

(2) Canted lower jaw (gobble mouth caused by adenoid face)

In many cases, people with adenoid faces (lower jaw tucked in and mouth protruding) do not have enough space for their teeth to line up, and their teeth tend to be misaligned.

However, there are some people with adenoid faces whose teeth are not so disrupted.

Adenoids are one of the symptoms caused by the muscles around the mouth, jaw, and neck, as well as the jawbone not developing normally.

People with adenoid faces are more prone to mouth sores.

(iii) The entire upper and lower front teeth protrude forward (mouth gobble caused by upper and lower jaw protrusion)

Even if only the upper front teeth protrude (bucktooth), it is still a mouth gobble, but if both the upper and lower front teeth protrude forward (maxillary protrusion), the degree of mouth gobble is even stronger.

If a person has both upper and lower front teeth that protrude but are not bumpy (plexiform, uneven) or unevenly spaced (gap dentition), the teeth do not appear to be "so misaligned". However, this is simply because there are fewer bumps and gaps between the upper and lower front teeth, but the entire front teeth are still tilted. In such a case, the teeth are "not so much misaligned (when viewed from the front), but mouth gobble".

(4) Non-extraction orthodontics causes mouth gobble (mouth gobble caused by lack of space for teeth to line up)

In some cases, the teeth themselves are improved by non-extraction orthodontics, but they become mouth-bumps.

If a patient's teeth are forced to be straightened without extracting them, even though the case would normally require tooth extraction, the mouth tends to protrude forward, resulting in a gorilla-faced mouth gobble. If there is not enough space for the teeth to line up, the mouth tends to protrude forward.

See also this article on the difference between bucktooth and stomatognathic teeth.

Disadvantages of mouth gobos

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Many people are concerned about the appearance of mouth sores, but they can have a variety of negative effects on health and mental health in addition to appearance.

▲Cannot chew food properly, which puts a strain on the gastrointestinal tract.

In cases where the upper front teeth protrude strongly in the mouth gobble, it is often difficult to chew food properly.

If the back teeth are properly aligned, food can be chewed even if it is not chewed through the front teeth. However, if the front teeth are not chewed through first, chewing tends to be insufficient. Insufficient chewing can easily put a burden on the stomach and intestines, and can easily cause indigestion.

▲Mental stress and complexes are created.

Sometimes people are so concerned about their appearance due to a mouth sore that they develop a complex of self-doubt and a reluctance to do anything.

In addition, the continued presence of mouth sores can cause emotional stress and negatively affect mental health.

▲Peasy to worsen tooth decay and periodontal disease

In many cases, people with mouth sores cannot close their mouths properly unless they are conscious of it. If the mouth is unconsciously half-open or there is a gap between the upper and lower lips, the mouth can easily become dry. When the mouth becomes dry, saliva secretion is reduced, which decreases the remineralization, self-cleaning, and immunizing effects of the teeth, making tooth decay and gum disease more likely to worsen.

▲Vulnerable to colds and flu

In many cases, mouth-breathers unconsciously open their mouths, resulting in mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing allows viruses to enter the throat directly, making the person more susceptible to colds and flu.

Normally, if you breathe through your nose, the nasal hairs and secretions inside the nose provide some protection from viruses. However, people who breathe through their mouths with mouth gobos do not pass through these filters and inhale viruses, thus increasing the probability of developing colds and influenza.

How can a person with good teeth and a mouth gobble be cured?

Surgery (for jaw skeleton or severe adenoid facial features)

If the teeth are well aligned but the mouth is gob-smacked due to the jawbone or severe adenoid facial features, a surgical procedure to move the jawbone back or return it to its normal position is required. Surgery can be performed by an oral or cosmetic surgeon.

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Orthodontics (if caused by misaligned teeth)

If the front teeth are tilted forward into a mouth gobble, orthodontic treatment can be used to improve the situation.

Bracket braces are used for severe cases, but in some cases, mild to moderate mouth gobble can be treated with mouthpiece braces (such as Invisalign). Orthodontic treatment involves moving the front teeth inward. Orthodontic treatment for mouth gobos often requires tooth extraction to make room for the teeth to move.


In many cases, people with well aligned teeth but mouth gobble are caused by tilting of the front teeth.

Most of the mouth gobble caused by tilted anterior teeth can be resolved with orthodontics.

If the cause is skeletal, surgery is required.

Curing mouth sores can improve the appearance of the mouth and have positive mental and health benefits.

If you suffer from mouth sores, we recommend that you see your dentist first.

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