How much does it cost to get an implant? How much is the market price for implants?

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Last updated May 12, 2022

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Many clinics list the cost of each implant in detail, including the diagnosis fee, abutment fee, guide fee, surgery fee, etc. It is safe to assume that the market price for a single implant is about 300,000-600,000 yen for all of them combined.

Reasons for the different cost rates for implants

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What is the variation in the cost of implants,

This is because the cost of implants varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The cost of the same titanium product will vary depending on the long track record and the detailed ingenuity of each manufacturer.

Some clinics perform the procedure for about 200,000 yen, including all implant coverings,

Cost of the implant body with guaranteed safety,

Cost of guides (surgical mouthpieces) necessary for safe procedures,

Considering the cost of the coverings,It is highly likely that you are leaving something out., ,

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Implants can be used as your teeth for the rest of your life if the procedure is performed with a correct diagnosis.

Don't be fooled by the low prices on the spot,

Manufacturer Type,

Surgical procedure,

Maintainance and warranty

Make sure to check the following information before deciding on a dental clinic.

Total cost of implants

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Cost of Implants

Approximately 300,000-600,000 yen in allIt is. The breakdown is

  • diagnostic fee
  • Guide (mouthpiece used to perform the surgery as planned)
  • Fixture (foundation)
  • Abutment (connecting part)←may be omitted in some cases
  • Implant superstructure (final covering)

The first two are the following.

Please feel free to consult with us about any concerns you may have about implants.

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