Is it true that braces can change your face? We explain why.

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Last updated September 27, 2021

I want braces!"The reasons for this are various.

Among them.I want to have confidence in my smile..."Many people feel that this is a good idea.

andI hate my mouth..."Some of those who start because of


Hopefully the correction will change my face...

You may be considering orthodontics with the expectation that

In this issue.Correction changes your face."This section explains why it is said to be a good idea.

Why people say braces can change your face.


The face changes with correction.

E-line will be improved.

E lineis the line connecting the tip of the nose and the tip of the lower jaw when the face is viewed from the side.

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It is considered beautiful when the upper lip is on or slightly inside the E line and the lower lip is almost on the line.

However, if the teeth are forward, the lips may extend outside the E-line when viewed in profile.

Orthodontic treatment can bring the lips closer to the E-line, giving the appearance of a cleaner mouth.

Also, when the mouth is closed from the front, a wrinkle like a dried plum line may appear under the lips. This too can be improved by orthodontics.

...Better alignment of the teeth and a different smile.

By getting a clean set of teeth.You will feel more confident in your smile.Smiling by showing your beautiful teeth will give you a completely different impression from your previous smile.

In addition, a change in the alignment of the teeth naturally increases one's sense of beauty, and one's sense of fashion and makeup. It is not only the change in smile that is said to change the face after treatment.Change of mindis also relevant.

Face line will be straightened.

Orthodontic braces help to align the bite and naturally clean up the facial lines.

Also, if the facial expression was unnatural to hide the alignment of the teeth, it will be improved and the facial area will move naturally and look natural.

...and a smaller face with a better bite.

A bad bite can cause distortion of the face. When braces improve the bite and the distortion caused by facial muscles, the face may appear smaller.

Surgical changes to the skeleton

When corrective treatment involves surgery, the skeletal structure is changed and the contour and framework are altered. Surgical shortening of the lower jaw, especially in cases of skeletal passive mouth, can result in a smaller face.

More than just a change of face? Orthodontic Changes


Does the correction change anything besides the face?


The changes resulting from orthodontic treatment are not limited to the face.

Makes it easier to brush teeth.

When teeth are misaligned, it becomes difficult to brush the teeth, including the bumpy areas. As a result, more toothbrushing is left behind. With braces, it is much easier to brush and keep your teeth clean.

Prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

Difficulty in brushing teeth can lead to plaque buildup due to leftover plaque, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Better aligned teeth and less plaque left behind are good for oral health and prevention.

... prolongs the life of the teeth.

The major causes of tooth loss are periodontal disease and tooth decay. Being able to prevent these two factors will extend the life of your teeth.

Effects of Improved Bite on the Whole Body


The alignment of the teeth and the bite of the teeth affect the whole body.

Orthodontic treatment is also linked to overall health.

...and improve digestion.

A better bite makes it easier to chew food. This aids in digestion. Chewing a lot stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that help digest food, so it takes the place of digestion before it reaches the stomach.

Improvement of stiff shoulders, back pain, headaches, etc.

A bad bite can also cause imbalance in the whole body. Distortion of the muscles around the mouth may cause stiff shoulders and back pain. Dizziness and headaches can also be caused by a bad bite.

How a Dentist Can Change the Look of Your Face


Are there any other treatments that dentists can do to change the look of the face?


There is more than just braces, so let me introduce you to them.


Whiter teeth make the face look brighter and cleaner.

In addition, you will probably smile more often because you will feel more confident in your smile even if your teeth are whiter.


Ceramic treatment of visible teeth also gives a different impression.

In recent years, this treatment is sometimes referred to as "ceramic orthodontics.

You can choose the shape, color, and alignment of your teeth, so you can have the mouth you want.

However, there are risks involved, such as the need to grind the teeth, so consult your dentist carefully.

Find a dentist you can trust.

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Orthodontic treatment can change the appearance of the face.

Changes due to treatment vary from person to person and depend on the skeletal structure and the condition of the teeth.

However, when your teeth are aligned well, you will feel more confident in your smile.

From a feeling standpoint, your normal behavior will be lighter and your facial expressions will be brighter.

Orthodontic treatment eliminates facial and oral complexes and extends the life span of the patient's own teeth, with positive effects on both mental and physical health.

It is important to consult a reliable dentist for treatment of such braces.

If you are not sure which dental clinic to choose, or if you want to know which treatment is right for you..,

Free online consultations with active dentists available365dentistPlease feel free to use the

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