How to make a natural smile? What people with great smiles do.

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Last updated August 13, 2023


Doctor, why are people with nice smiles so attractive?
I want to be able to make a natural and beautiful smile too!


I understand.
This time,We will discuss the characteristics of people with great smiles and how to create a natural smile and tips!

Characteristics of people who have a great way of smiling

How to smile

People who have a great way of smiling have the following characteristics

  • Facial expression is relaxed
  • The corners of the mouth are up along with the cheeks.
  • Beautiful mouth
  • You're looking at the other person.

Facial expression is relaxed

A person with a nice smile has relaxed facial muscles,The muscles around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth are moderately relaxed.

A smile is made with the muscles of the entire face, so if there is an odd tension in the face, it gives the impression of being unnatural and nervous.

The corners of the mouth are up along with the cheeks.

A person with a nice smile does not only raise the corners of the mouth,The cheeks rise upward along with the corners of the mouth.

Raised cheeks give the face a fuller, younger, healthier appearance.

Beautiful mouth

The mouth is an important part that determines the impression of the lower half of the smile.

  • About 8 upper teeth are visible.
  • Brushes teeth properly and cleanly.
  • Beautifully aligned teeth
  • White teeth
  • Healthy pink gums, etc.

The more of these conditions that are met, the more beautiful the mouth looks.The smile is enhanced because of the

You're looking at the other person.

For a great smile, not only the expression and mouth but also the gaze are important.

Look at the other person and smile naturally.and make a good impression.

How to create a natural smile and tips

How to smile

There are a few tricks to creating a natural smile.

  • Train for a smile.
  • Check your expression in the mirror.
  • Enhance the cleanliness of the mouth

By keeping these points in mind, you can create a natural and beautiful smile.

Train for a smile.

To create a natural smile,It is important to move the muscles of the entire face (facial muscles) smoothly.

If the facial muscles do not move when you smile, your smile will appear stiff and unnatural, so train your facial muscles to move.

Here are some recommended facial expression muscle training exercises. It is a good idea to do this habitually, as it can help improve double chins and lines.

  • Aiyobe Gymnastics
  • corner mouth training
  • tongue-twister training
  • Eye Exercise

Aiyobe Gymnastics

Training to strengthen facial muscles by moving the muscles around the mouth in large movementsIt is.

  1. Pronounce "A, I, U" aloud, making sure to open your mouth wide.
  2. Finally, while pronouncing the word "be," push your tongue out in a large downward motion and stretch it out.
  3. These are done after meals for 10 sets, a total of three times a day: morning, noon, and evening.

tongue-twister training

Training the muscles around the mouth by moving the tongueIt is.

  1. Close your lips and use your tongue to trace around the gums on the front side of the teeth.
  2. Do 10 times each clockwise and counterclockwise. As you get used to it, increase the number of times a little at a time.

Training the corners of the mouth

Pull up the corners of your mouth.Training the muscles around the mouthIt is.

  1. Turn the toothbrush sideways and hold the handle between the upper and lower teeth.
  2. If possible, keep the corners of the mouth lifted.

Eye Exercise

Exercises to smooth the movement of stiff eye musclesIt is.

  1. Squeeze and meditate.
  2. Close your eyes tightly to the limit, then open them quickly.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 about 10 times.

Check your expression in the mirror.

Check your expression in the mirror to see what your smile looks like.

Since we move our facial expressions unconsciously, it is difficult to smile the way we think we should unless we consciously practice.

Therefore, it becomes very important to check how your smile is viewed by others.

Checking my smile in the mirror,

  • Is the facial expression relaxed?
  • Are the corners of the mouth raised along with the cheeks?
  • Does the mouth look good?

Check the

Once you have practiced in the mirror and are able to create a natural smile, take a picture with the camera of your smartphone and see if you can create the same natural smile without a mirror.

Enhance the cleanliness of the mouth

Cleanliness of the mouth is important for a great smile.

A mouth with red, swollen gums with plaque and tartar looks unclean and disappointing.

Brush your teeth properly every day to keep your mouth healthy and to protect the cleanliness of your mouth.

People who smoke a lot or drink a lot of tea or coffee are prone to yellowing or staining of their teeth, so it is recommended that they have their teeth cleaned and whitened by a dentist.

In addition, braces not only align the teeth nicely, but also provide an oral environment that is easier to brush and less prone to tartar buildup.

Effects and Benefits of Smiling

How to smile

Smiling has the following effects and benefits

  • Leads to face lifting.
  • It leads to physical and mental health.
  • Make a good impression on others.

Leads to face lifting.

When you can smile naturally, your cheeks and the corners of your mouth will turn upward,Facial lifting can be expected.

Conversely, frowning can cause the cheeks and corners of the mouth to droop and wrinkles to form between the eyebrows, giving the impression of aging.

It leads to physical and mental health.

Smiling is due to the following actions,It is expected to help maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Euphoric and sedative effects due to secretion of brain hormones "endorphins," "dopamine," and "serotonin
  • Balance of the autonomic nervous system reduces physical discomfort.
  • Improved immunity through activation of natural killer cells
  • Improvement of memory by hippocampal activation
  • Brain activation through increased blood flow to the brain, etc.

Make a good impression on others.

Humans have brain neurons called "mirror neurons" to promote coordination.

To facilitate communication, it is important to show cooperation with the feelings and opinions of others.

Therefore, when you smile, mirror neurons cause the other person to smile naturally as well.

Smiling brings a sense of happiness through the release of the brain hormones endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

In other words, just by smiling yourself, you make the other person smile,Feeling happy in a chain of events can give a good impression of being a person who is fun to be with.The first is the


How to smile

A person with a great smile has the following characteristics

  • Facial expression is relaxed
  • The corners of the mouth are up along with the cheeks.
  • Beautiful mouth
  • You're looking at the other person.

To create a nice smile,Trainin for smiles and care for cleanliness of the mouthand achieve a great smile.

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