If you think it's a mouth ulcer, is it cancer? We teach you the difference and how to recognize it.

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Last updated March 20, 2023

Oral cancer is not one of the most common types of cancer. However, it has become known to the world after celebrities have been diagnosed with oral cancer.

Stomatitis is difficult to distinguish from oral cancerIt is.Mouth ulcers are growths in the mouth that usually heal within a few days to a few weeks. Mouth sores that do not heal after several weeks may not be mouth sores.

What is stomatitis?

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Stomatitis is an inflammatory lesion caused by a variety of factors.

They are often painful due to inflammatory lesions. The cause can vary from stress, bacterial infection, viral infection, vitamin deficiency, etc., but one or more may occur.

Types of mouth ulcersAs for,

...caused by stress and vitamin deficiencies.stomatitis aphthosa

Caused by irritation to the oral cavity or contact with dentures or coveringstraumatic stomatitis

Caused by the virusviral stomatitis

Caused by Candida spp.candidal stomatitis

There are four types of

Aphthous stomatitis

Circular white stomatitisand the smallest are a few millimeters, but some of the larger ones are over 1 cm.

❷ traumatic stomatitis

Red sores or white ulcerationsis characteristic of traumatic stomatitis.

❸Viral stomatitis

Multiple blisters on mucous membranes with high feveris a feature of this product.

❹Candida stomatitis

Characterized by numerous white spots that can be wiped off by handIt is. Candida often proliferate when basic immunity is compromised.

What is Oral Cancer?


Cancer is one of the malignant tumors, an abnormal growth of cells in the body that can spread to other organs in an uncontrolled manner. Some malignant tumors are cancers that arise from epithelial tissues, while others, called sarcomas, arise from the connective tissue system,In the oral cavity, cancer is almost always present, and sarcomas rarely occur in the oral cavity.

As cancer cells proliferate, they cause various dysfunctions of the body and in some cases lead to death. Oral cancer accounts for only % of all cancers, though, so the incidence is not very high,The number of people suffering from oral cancer in Japan is increasing every year.

What makes oral cancer different from other cancers?Cancer that is often directly visible and can be detected by oneselfThat is to say.

Oral Cancer Self-Check

Oral cancer is one of the many cancers that is not difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Self-checks include the following items

Mouth ulcers do not heal for several weeks.

Wounds from tooth extractions or bites to the cheek or tongue do not heal well.

Wounds caused by dentures or crowns do not heal well.

Sores, lumps, or unexplained bleeding

If any of these items apply to you, you should see your family dentist.

Oral cancer.The most likely place for this to occur is the limb of the tongueIt is. It is easy to see when the tongue is protruded and checked in a mirror. Also,The most likely to be mistaken for oral cancer is a protrusion at the base of the tongue called the cricoid papilla.It is. Oral cancer can also occur at the base of the tongue, but it is less likely.

(Source: Nagoya City Self-check for mouth cancer (oral cancer))

Causes of Oral Cancer

There are many causes of oral cancer.Stress, smoking, and mechanical irritation to defective prostheses, including dentures, are the primary causesIt is.

In fact, cancer cells are produced daily in the adult body.We have a wonderful function in our body called immunity that attacks and destroys cancer cells that form every day.The immune system is the most important factor in the immune system. It is believed that cancer occurs because cancer cells proliferate to the point that this immunity cannot cope with continued stress, smoking, or mechanical stimulation.

In recent years, further research has been conducted,The quality and content of the daily diet also play a role in cancer development.It is said that Since cancer is a lifestyle disease, a regular lifestyle is the key to prevention.

Difference between mouth ulcers and oral cancer appearance


He said that both stomatitis and mouth ulcers occur,It appears to be a bulging foreign body.Technically, it is also called a mass.

Although this is not true for all oral cancers, oral cancers are temporarily mass-like due to abnormal cell growth, but eventually the center of the mass becomes sunken in because all of the proliferating cancer cells are no longer being nourished. In addition, oral cancer often has an indistinct boundary with normal tissue.Circular or similarly shaped lesions have a low probability of being oral cancer.

Differences between the initial symptoms of mouth ulcers and oral cancer

Mouth ulcers and early signs of oral cancer are often similar.It is.

Therefore,Difficult to identify by initial symptoms alone.It is. If we were forced to say, in the early stages of the project, we would sayMouth sores are often painful, while oral cancer is less painfulIt is. Also,Oral cancer is accompanied by bleeding and staining.Sometimes, it is also possible to

Prolonged mouth sores go to the dentist! Which department to see when oral cancer is suspected?

usualMouth ulcers heal in a few weeks at mostI will do so.For mouth ulcers that persist for more than a few weeks, a visit to the dentist is recommended.For mouth ulcers, the dentist may prescribe an ointment for mouth ulcers, or a laser may be used to promote healing.

If your family doctor or general practitioner determines that there is a suspicion, you will be referred to a university hospital or other core hospital for a thorough examination. Recently, some general practitioners are equipped with equipment that can perform a simple oral cancer test, so it is a good idea to check their websites in advance.

The department responsible for the treatment of oral cancer is,Dental surgery, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, etc., but we recommend that you see your family dentist first.If your family dentist does not advocate dental surgery, we recommend that you see a dentist who does. If your family dentist does not advocate dental surgery, it is recommended that you visit the dentist of a doctor who does or has studied in the field of dental surgery.


Oral cancer is not a cancer with a very bad prognosis if it is detected early.However, the departureThe prognosis is poor if it is seen too late.The removal of the tongue and other tissues and bones of the oral cavity can cause not only problems with appearance but also a decline in oral function, which affects daily life.

To avoid oral cancer, firstAlthough it is important to lead a regular life, we recommend that you see a dentist as soon as you feel something is wrong.

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